techtopia festival trailer



We created a short commercial style trailer for Polka Theatres festival Techtopia. 



This Promo for client Makes Three and Polka Theatre was to advertise the festival for Children and Technology in 2018. 

Our approach to this promo was to create an aesthetic that was at once recognisable and relatable. Rather than delving into the all too familiar realm of 'future-tech-fabulous' we wanted each scenario to be something at first familiar and the also open ended to its stance on children and technology. A part of the festivals approach to the topic was to provide a balanced argument of both positive and negative opinions of the role of technology in children's development and this is something we pitched specifically in our treatment of the promo film.

We kept our palette fairly warm and friendly and backed the advert with a familiar vintage soul soundtrack to draw reference to the contemporary stylings of phone and internet carrier adverts, to give the promo a recognisable tone and to increase the production value by association of what is otherwise a very basic concept. 


Production Company- The Other Richard
Director/DOP- Richard Lakos
1AC- Richard Davenport