The Other Richard is striving to create a new way of working with companies: 



Engage and Excite your audience by creating a succinct and cohesive visual language around your project. We want to bring our experience and skill set from Concept-to-Realisation on all media material that a show requires.  


We want to break the mould on the way a project is marketed. Be brave and let's see what we can create. 


We have a range of skills we can offer. All our services can be utilised individually or as a whole. Please don't hesitate  to ask. 



- PUBLICITY  - Poster one sheet and social media content. 

- LIVE - Rehearsal and Production Stills, Live set ups and press calls



- TRAILER - a pre-production teaser for audiences, filmed on location or studio based. We can creatively consult and execute a tone-focused piece 1-2min in length to whet any interest.

- LIVE CAPTURE - a 1-4 Camera live recorded show. Engaging audiences digitally is the new frontier and we want to capture and a show document at it’s best. Export media for in a range of mediums: DVD, Digital stream, and VOD

- LIVE TRAILER -a trailer cut from live production footage.

- DOCUMENTRY & INTERVIEW – Behind the scenes with Cast and Creative to grow the culture around production and bring audiences into the process of creating work. 


If you want to find out more then get in touch and let us see what we can do for you.