Three sisters by rashdash after checkov - Trailers



Three short Promo films to advertise RashDash's production of Chekhov's The Three Sisters



The concept that RashDash approached us with for their marketing material was to create three completely different pieces of content to misdirect an audiences expectations of their upcoming production of The Three Sisters. 

Approaching three different concepts was something we felt confident in achieving in a day of production, each trailer dealing with a different aspect of the show itself as well as one of the three staples of a RashDash Production; Performance, Dance and Music. 

Our approach was to play into the audiences expectations of both Chekhov and RashDash shows. The First trailer leant heavily into the stylistic approach of a polished and classic production. We utilised a single drawn out dolly to build tension,  create a airless period atmosphere and added a nod to classic Chekhov canon by revealing the object of each characters attention: spinning top, slowly falling off axis. 

The Second trailer (first selection shown above) we approached as a polar opposite to first piece. We drew on creating a stylised contemporary look by flattening bold colours into a monochromatic range of pinks and magentas. We used a tonally different approach with camera work to the first trailer, using strong static shots and sharp cuts to show detail and highlights of the movement piece through compoisition. 

The final piece was as much a satire of the production as it was of show trailers themselves. We went for a brash, neon-pop inspired music video where the approach to the content was light hearted and generated from styles completely unfamiliar even to us. 

Production Company- The Other Richard
Director/DOP- Richard Lakos
1AC- Richard Davenport