Poison Trailer




A short trailer style advert for client Orange Tree Theatre's show Poison



Poison by Lot Vekemas is about the coming together of an ex husband and wife, estranged by a number of years to arrange the re-burial of their child after the grave site is contaminated by a toxic leak. The project pitch was simple; Create an air of intrigue and mystery styled to feel like a Scandi-thriller. You should look at these characters and their interaction and feel like seeing the show would solve the conflict set up.

We kept the two worlds different in tone, the rainy night exterior of a car park and the ugly discomforting waiting room of a funeral parlour. Our goal was to world build believable locations that grow what we would see on stage and colour our expectations of their respective back stories. Ultimately we wanted to convey as much sense of distance and conflict between two people without having them delve into any dialogue or acting out any part of the script.


Production Company- The Other Richard
Director/DOP- Richard Lakos
1AC- Richard Davenport