The girl on the train Trailer




A short trailer style promo for the West Yorkshire Playhouse's stage adaptation of The Girl on the Train. 



In our pitch for this Promo for West Yorkshire Playhouse's Girl on the Train we had two main focuses; We wanted to create a theatrical space to root this as a stage adaptation and then to utilise the medium of film to create imaginative cut aways that built tension and referenced the film and book.  Both the theatrical space and cutaways were unified by a repetitious camera move; a single dolly push forward to parallel the forward momentum of a train on tracks, thematically referencing the premise. 

Our studio element was achieved with a minimal design, utilising prop hire to generate a train carriage from suggestion and shadow to focus attention on Rachel the lead character.  The tone of this section was left dark and murky, reflective of Rachel's memory loss and the dark nature of the stories murder mystery premise.

Our Imaginative cutaways had a similar repetition of camera moves,  constantly pushing forward over the various items and locations that remain murky and distant for Rachel giving them a fatalistic atmosphere that enhances the atmosphere and mystery of the promo. 


Production Company- The Other Richard
Director/DOP- Richard Lakos
1AC- Richard Davenport