We are Richard, Both of us.

We are both photographers,



As Individuals we’ve been working in the arts industry for the last 8 years. We’ve shot hundreds of shows across the UK, contributed to the artwork and designs for dozens of publicity images and shot hundreds of hours of live footage.

Our story together begins when we were accidentally booked to shoot the same show. We realised it would be easier for everyone to combine our skill sets and reduce the total number of Richards working in the field.

Together we’re crazy about theatre, we’re crazy about the arts and we’re relentlessly passionate about creating the best possible content on any and every job we’re approached for. The Other Richard is everything you knew and loved about each individual Richard, but now you get two of us. 




Our Mission is to create the Strongest, most Cohesive and Creative content we possibly can. Simple as that. 


The Other Richard is formed on the basis that two Richards are better than one and that's what we bring to every job we collaborate on. We want to combine our resources, pool our ideas and synergise our skills so that we can make the best version of any brief. If you've ever worked with either Richard, you should really see what The Other Richard can do.