We created three Web adverts to be released on Social Media for The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting 2017, encouraging people to submit their play. The idea behind each advert was that ideas can come from anywhere. 



Our initial brief for this project was to shake things up in providing digital content and to look at new ways to deliver information for the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting. Previously at this point in the prize, content to encourage submissions was a series of interviews conducted with judges for the prize that year. We felt that to compete for attention, a series of commercial styled ads to deliver the information was an interesting way to re-interpret what had been before. 

This series plays on showing the visual representation of having a good idea, the literal ‘lightbulb moment’! We wanted to show a variety of ways that people could interpret to make a good story, whether it was something that had been lingering with them for a while like in FILM 1, Based on a real life relationship (FILM2) or something they discovered for themselves in an unexpected place (FILM3). 

We wanted very much to play with some digital compositing to emphasise the imaginative elements of storytelling and provide a high end finish to the commercials. Our objective was to make content as strong as something made from a budget 10 or 20 times the size to deliver maximum impact for the client.

Production Company- The Other Richard
Director/DOP- Richard Lakos
1AC- Richard Davenport