'Discover' Advert



 A Web advert for Social Media release to get people to come to the Columbia Threadneedle Prize exhibition. The third advert in this series, but unrelated in it's objectives and target audience, as previous adverts had an intimate focus on encouraging artists to submit and this advert required a more open and inclusive atmosphere. 



Starting with the operative word from the client 'Discover', we set out to create a fun, engaging and inclusive video for both artists and gallery visitors alike. Drawing on references like Paddington Bear and the films of Wes Anderson we wanted to create a colourful representation of people's reactions as they 'Discover' the wide array of works on display during the Colombia Threadneedle Prize. 

Where previous films in the Mall Galleries/Colombia Threadneedle series had been designed to feel intimate and delicate in their approach to encouraging artists to participate and submit for the prize. The scope of this commercial allowed us to completely shift the tone and direction of the campaign to feel energetic and open. 

Our limitations on the project were two-fold, we could only hang a few of the selected works in the gallery space and we had 4 hours to complete a number of set ups. Rehearsal and thorough pre-visualisation were key to operating efficiently and accurately. 

Production Company- The Other Richard
Director/DOP- Richard Lakos
1AC- Richard Davenport